Vinci Immobilier: Digital Promotion Campaign

Eureka Time communications agency worked with the Vinci Immobilier group to create a digital promotion campaign.

As part of their promotional activities for a prestigious real estate project, Vinci Immobilier hired the digital agency Eureka Time to develop an original digital promotion campaign.

How could Vinci Immobilier promote their new and ambitious building project in an innovative way? This was the challenge Eureka Time digital agency’s team was presented with. Vinci Immobilier relied on the agency’s creativity and digital expertise to develop an original and innovative digital promotional campaign that broke away from the usual promotional methods used in the real estate sector.

Objectives of the digital promotion campaign

There were several goals for the digital promotional campaign for Vinci Immobilier’s real estate project.
Many of the goals dealt with the brand’s image and reputation. We created a promotional campaign for Debrousse Park, a remarkable development project in one of the most coveted and historical areas of Lyon: Debrousse Park. We were in charge of generating word-of-mouth ahead of the launch of this real estate project.

Positioning: a real estate project in search of a way of life

Thanks to its privileged location, this project is aimed at an affluent clientele who are looking for unique products and a different lifestyle. Our work consisted of identifying future clients and targeting potential buyers via our digital promotion campaign.

We aimed to show future clients and potential buyers a new property development experience by creating a universe around Debrousse Park that showcased the unique and exclusive lifestyle afforded by the project.

Targeting and acquisition strategy

Our targeting and acquisition work took place primarily online, where our influence campaign allowed us to address potential customers and investors located in Lyon, in other areas of France, and abroad.

The idea behind our influence campaign was to surprise this demanding clientele by showing them the exclusive lifestyle the residents of Debrousse Park could enjoy. This was in order to show them a concrete image of the housing development before it had been completed and to give them relevant information about the quality of life provided by this exceptional development project.

Influence campaign

Our influence campaign revolved around the creation of an online lifestyle magazine. The editorial line of the magazine was to present a preview of the Debrousse Park real estate project, as well as highlight cultural news relevant to the city of Lyon and Debrousse Park. The online magazine Debrousse Park contained decorating tips and ideas provided by an interior designer, interviews with architects who designed the real estate project, etc.

We set up an editorial committee composed of an interior designer, a Lyon-based editor specialized in trends and lifestyle, a journalist specialized in culture, etc. This entire team was in charge of directing the magazine and producing content and lifestyle articles that would appeal to the promise of the lifestyle in Debrousse Park.

Results of the digital promotional campaign

Our up-front work to promote the real estate development project generated important word-of-mouth and helped foster strong interest in the project, which was completed with the pre-sale launch. Our audience acquisition work allowed us to deliver highly qualified leads that became Debrousse Park purchasers.


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