Digital brand platform & social media strategy for Economie Sociale et Solidaire’s youth program

Case Study


The digital agency Eureka Time was hired to define the digital brand platform for the ESS’s youth program, including creating and implementing a media strategy.

Avise is in charge of the Promotion of the Social and Solidary Economy (ESS) program, which came up with the idea for a youth program. They asked our agency to assist them in defining its digital brand strategy.

Our aim was to promote and add value to the Social and Solidary Economy (ESS) in France amongst the youth.



We defined a digital strategy for the program, creating a digital media outlet called Say Yes as the cornerstone of the strategy.

This online media is aimed at a young community.

The online magazine engages its community daily on social media.

The editorial line we established highlights social entrepreneurship and community and social opportunities that help young people engage and shape their future.

The community management plan mobilises the community around unifying messages and content tailored to youth issues.

We supported this program with communication strategies (involving editorial approaches and content creation) as well as with awareness campaigns directed at target audiences.


Digital brand platform Say Yess

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