Manger Bouger Digital influencer campaign

Case Study

We supported the INPES (Health Prevention and Education National Institute) and the agency that was in charge of promoting a major French nutrition and health program called Manger Bouger. Our job consisted in a digital influencer campaign, an influencer activation consultancy and production services.

Digital influencer campaign

We developed a relational strategy and a community that allowed the brand to evolve in its discourse and to create its own corporate storytelling. We built an editorial strategy that enabled the brand to communicate its key messages to the whole French population through their collaborative networks (website, social media networks, etc).

Our approach consisted in developing sustainable influence communication that made Manger Bouger the referent nutrition institution and the most consulted for help and advice within French´s daily life.

mangerbouger digital influencer campaign

We defined the launching digital campaign of “La Fabrique à Menus” which is Manger Bouger’s web application for easily cooking healthy meals.

We worked on different channels to set up the digital influencer campaign. We made sure the brand developed strong relationships with bloggers and influencers by organizing a creative event for them to test “La Fabrique à Menus” app.

digital influencer campaign

The digital campaign was a great success as it produced outstanding traffic on Manger Bouger’s website and generate substantial media coverage from both traditional and online media.

digital influencer campaign

Thanks to this influencer campaign, we received several significant awards such as the silver Effie Award 2013 for advertisement efficiency and the Grand Prix Stratégie du Marketing digital 2014.

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