Labeyrie: Creation of an Event Website

The food group Labeyrie hired the services of digital agency Eureka Time to create an event website as part of the launch of a new collection of high-end products.

The brand, known for its high-end charcuterie and its foie gras, wanted to solidify its position as a company that sells exceptional products.

Context for the creation of the event website


The new range of caviar was introduced to develop and strengthen the Labeyrie brand. For the release of the product, the brand required the creation of a website for their new Labeyrie-branded caviar.

Creating a website for the caviar range

An event website was created and launched to celebrate the end of the year.

This website was created in order to support the promotional actions carried out for the press and general public to launch the new caviar collection.

event website creation labeyrie agency digital

This website showcased different products from the collection and gave visitors information about the origin and production of the caviar, as well as advice on how to consume it.

The website was intended to send the message that the Labeyrie brand was making caviar consumption more accessible. By making the delicacy accessible to a wide audience, Labeyrie was, in a sense, democratizing caviar by offering the largest public possible the chance to experience its exceptional taste.

Reasons for creating the website


The creation of the website  helped the brand create a dialogue with journalists about the high quality of Labeyrie’s products. For the general public, the website was a promotional tool that encouraged consumers to try the new collection and gave the brand a valuable space to reinforce its image and brand.

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