Key figures : ICT usage in enterprises [EuroStat]

Eurostat ICT usage in enterprises by country

An interesting study from Eurostat, about ICT usage in enterprises during 2013, was just published. We learn that throughout the European 28 countries: “almost ¾ of enterprises (employing 10 persons or more) in the EU28 had a website in 2013, + 6% compared with 2010 (73% compared with 67%).”


Social media

Soctal media is used by 30% of enterprises in the EU28 but only 8% of enterprises had a formal policy for social media use. Use of social media enables enterprises to improve their image and Internet presence. 28% of enterprises in the EU28 used social networks (e.g. Facebook) in 2013, 11% used multi-media content sharing websites (e.g. YouTube), 10% blogs or micro blogs (e.g. Twitter) and 6% wiki-based knowledge-sharing tools.


European members differences

Use of social media ranges from 15% of enterprises in Latvia to 55% in Malta. The difference between member states is also large. The share of enterprises using at least one type of social media ranged from 15% in Latvia, 16% the Czech Republic and 19% in France, Poland and Romania to 55% in Malta, 50% in the Netherlands, 48% in Ireland, 45% in Sweden and 42% in the United Kingdom.

The highest proportions of enterprises having a formal policy for using social media were observed in Ireland (20%), the Netherlands (18%), Cyprus (17%) and Denmark (16%). In nineteen Member States, the share was below 10%.

Largest shares of enterprises using blogs in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland: among the different types of social media, the highest shares of enterprises using social networks were registered in Malta (52% of enterprises with at least 10 persons employed), Ireland (46%), the Netherlands (45%), Sweden (42%) and the United Kingdom (40%), and the lowest in Latvia (13%), the Czech Republic (15%), Poland (16%), France and Romania (both 17%).

Surprised by these results? Not really? They show once again a certain “French lateness” and at the same time highlight how progressively Ireland has adopted social media. It’s obvious that some French brands still have to learn about social relationship management.

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