How close is the internet of things?

The Economist Intelligence Unit recently published ARM sponsored research, entitled ‘A quite revolution gathers pace’, on the expected impact of the internet of things. They found that

  • 95% of C-level executives believed their companies will be using the internet of things in 2016
  • 63% said that slow adoption of the internet of things will hurt competitively
  • 58% said they’d like to see more promotion of the internet of things by governments
  • 45% of C-level executives believe the internet of things will make their companies more environmentally friendly

The internet of things is ready for a mass market explosion and it will disrupt just as the internet has always disrupted. The Economist report tells us that the 95% of C-level executives expect the arrival of IoT disruption over the next couple of years. There is no time left, if the internet of things impacts your business then you need to act now.


Throughout this series of blog posts, I explain how to get an internet of things project up and running. I point out some pitfalls. I look at the tech landscape and describe how everything plugs together. The internet of things is a jigsaw and I hope to shed some light on how the pieces fall into place for you.

It takes time to get an IoT project to market, the time taken varies, of course, from project to project. Embedded software projects usually start as a pure R+D effort and move through a hardening phase towards an eventual product. Along the way there are pitfalls, IoT projects are different. The user experience is different. The nature of the embedded software development world is not the same as the digital marketing world or the web development world and this may feel strange.

Some parts of my posts in this series on the internet of things are technical but I give fair warning when I drift into nitty gritty of the tech world.

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[donuts][donut Percent=”95″]will use IoT in 2016[/donut][donut Percent=”63″]slow adoption will hurt[/donut][donut Percent=”58″]governments need to promote IoT[/donut][donut Percent=”45″] more environmentally friendly[/donut][/donuts]

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Video: Vint Cerf talks about the internet of things





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