Blini Website Development: Website Redesign

Food brand Blini selected the digital agency Eureka Time to work on their website development project. Their former website served as a showcase site for the Blini brand.

Our website development project had clearly defined objectives.

Website Development:

The website development project was part of the Blini brand’s introduction of a new graphic identity. In addition to their new visual identity, the brand also expanded its range of products by adding frozen products as well as fresh ones. The Blini brand wanted to completely redesign its website,, moving away from a showcase website towards a site with more modern and dynamic design and features.


blini website development redesign

Reworking the brand’s graphic identity and integrating new features

The following features and constraints were specified for the resdesign:

  • Content creation, including a space on the website for publishing recipes
  • The ability for the client to manage the back office and site updates,
  • Social sharing features for social media networks,
  • Data collection capabilities (including e-mailing, plugin e-mailing, newsletters, etc.).

In addition to the technical aspects of website development, the focus of the website redesign was on enhancing Blini’s marketing position and brand image.

With the redesign of this website, the brand aimed to move from a purely informative and commercial showcase site towards a website that was more user-friendly and aspirational.

The emphasis was placed on:

  • Incorporating images of people consuming the products, rather than shots of packaged products.
  • Providing useful content viral potential, such as recipe suggestions, menu ideas, cocktail food, etc.
  • Creating inspirational content inspiring that would invite users to explore
  • Presenting the entire collection to demonstrate the range of Blini products, including blinis, appetizer spreads – tzatziki, tarama, hummus, guacamole, frozen assortments, etc.
  • Including sharing features for social media networks.

The aim was to give users the opportunity to discover all of the brand’s products and to position them not only as the go-to place for Blini products, but also as the ideal partner for hosting chic cocktail parties.

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