Abbé Pierre Foundation : Digital Communication Techniques

The Abbé Pierre Foundation, a well-recognized charity foundation, hired the digital agency Eureka Time to raise awareness of digital communication techniques and to train teams on how to use them.

Created in 1988 by Abbé Pierre, the Abbé Pierre foundation has 139 salaried employees and 266 volunteers today who work daily to improve substandard housing conditions. Noted for its shock campaigns to mobilize public opinion, the Abbé Pierre Foundation uses messages in the media to advance its fight against substandard housing and weigh in on matters of public debate.

Influence Strategy: mobilise public opinion to fight substandard housing

The Abbé Pierre Foundation developed a culture of communication based on earned media. The association’s communication is extremely dependant on its media coverage.

Several times during the year, housing restrictions are enforced using repressive measures, which bring public attention to the fight against substandard housing.

This influence strategy aims to mobilize public opinion in order to exert pressure on politicians and institutional decision makers.

It is traditionally based on two main components:

  • Careful management of press relations by working with opinion surveys, journalists, key figures from the media, etc.
  • Developing public relations campaigns, including creating public events and content

Digital communication techniques: engage 365 days of the year

The Abbé Pierre Foundation‘s communications department realized very early on that digital communication techniques presented new communication opportunities. The emergence of social media offered them new communication channels with high potential for the organisation.

We trained the teams on the relevance and unique features of these new communications channels and new influencers, and helped them develop digital communication techniques.

abbe pierre foundation digital communication techniques


The Foundation’s main aims were to:

  • Communicate in real time, 365 days of the year, with its large audience
  • Free itself from the constraints of traditional media outlets in order to manage its own media coverage
  • Facilitate, maintain, and develop a community of strong supporters
  • Identify a community of rapidly deployable ambassadors
  • Influence the media agenda and use new strategies to leverage influence,
  • Modernize the Foundation’s image in order to reach and engage with younger generations.

With nearly 300 000 fans on Facebook, the Abbé Pierre Foundation is one of the most active and popular associations on social media today. Don’t hesitate to join them to support their work.

The agency Eureka Time is thrilled to have been able to assist the Abbé Pierre Foundation and their communications team. We hope we were able to help their teams increase their understanding and mastery of digital communication techniques.

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