BNP Paribas : formación digital para el taller CASE STUDIE

El taller BNP Paribas es un centro de innovación y de anticipación tecnológica gestionado por el grupo BNP Paribas. El taller ha recurrido a la experiencia digital de la agencia Eureka Time para diseñar un programa de formación digital sobre las nuevas profesiones y competencias digitales, como el community management.


L’Oréal: presencia digital internacional y comunicación corporativa CASE STUDIE

La misión ha consistido en acompañar al grupo en su reflexión en relación con el establecimiento de una presencia digital internacional para la comunicación corporativa del grupo.

Definir la arquitectura de la presencia digital a establecer en los medios sociales, a escala internacional.

Articular la estrategia de comunicación corporativa con la comunicación digital y las presencias digitales de las marcas de productos.


Campaña influencia digital para la marca Aubade

La agencia Eureka Time ha diseñado el concepto creativo y la campaña influencia digital llevadas a cabo con ocasión del lanzamiento del sitio web Aubade. Con ocasión del lanzamiento de su nueva página web, la marca de lencería deseaba una campaña viral e innovadora que permitiera crear un boca a boca.

Renault: estrategia Redes Sociales CASE STUDIE

La marca del rombo ha recurrido a nuestros servicios por medio de la agencia Digitas del grupo Publicis para la integración en las redes sociales como estrategia global del grupo. Nosotros hemos aportado nuestra experiencia en materia de estrategia redes sociales y guiado el despliegue de la marca Renault en las redes sociales, en Francia y a nivel internacional.

Nuestra misión ha consistido en el acompañamiento de los equipos digitales y en el despliegue de la visión redes sociales en el seno del grupo, Renault, de la central a las filiales.

BNF Partenariat: estrategia redes sociales y community management CASE STUDIE

BnF-Partenariats is the subsidiary of Bibliothèque nationale de France that plans and manages the digital cultural offer in France.

Our mission focused on consulting and supporting services for the launch of RetroNews media website that offers 300 years of news online.

We defined RetroNews' brand platform and their social media strategy. We performed an e-reputation audit and carried out an influence strategy that consisted in communicating on the website's launch to influencers and bloggers and offering them to become RetroNews' ambassadors.

Auditoría y acompañamiento de la transformación digital de IKEA CASE STUDIE

IKEA France Marketing, Communication HR and Customer Relationships directions have requested Eureka Time to carry out a strategic digitalisation project supported by the French Head Office.

We intervened as digital and social media consultants experts for IKEA France after competing against Publicis, one of the account's agencies.

Orange – Desarrollo tecnológico CASE STUDIE

We helped Orange´s Research & Development department on one of the their most strategic projects. Libon is a mobile messenger application that allows anyone to call and send messages instantly.

We accompanied Orange on the conception of application and technology development of the Android app and cloud architecture.

Le Point – Auditoría medios sociales y estrategia redes sociales CASE STUDIE

We helped Le Point on one of their digital transformation projects.
Le Point magazine had to adapt very quickly to digital changes, as well as the evolution of the user, the communities and their behavior.

We conducted an audit of the industry to get a better understanding best practices in social media integration. We prepared a social media strategy to get the most out of the new media in terms of brand awareness, promotion and virality of content, acquisition and audience qualification.

Manger Bouger : estrategia comunitaria y campaña digital CASE STUDIE

We supported the INPES (Health Prevention and Education National Institute) and the agency that was in charge of promoting a major French nutrition and health program called Manger Bouger. Our job consisted in a digital campaign, an influencer activation consultancy and production services.

We developed a relational strategy and a community that allowed the brand to evolve in its discourse and to create its own corporate storytelling. We built an editorial strategy that enabled the brand to communicate its key messages to the whole French population through their collaborative networks (website, social media networks, etc).


The French institution AVISE is in charge of the L’Economie Sociale et Solidaire program (ESS). The creative designing and consultancy project aimed at developing this program amongst young people in France.

We defined the program's digital strategy and created a new media called Say Yess as its core digital communication device. Say Yess is an online media that promotes daily social entrepreneurship initiatives and solidarity actions in the young community.

We accompanied the ESS program with an action plan which fosters a strong community with the use of message and relevant content that address youth issues.