Brand is media

Branded content

Social newsroom

International community management

Become a brand that is able to engage in real time with your audience. We help you create media and branded content to communicate and engage with your audience and your communities worldwide through social media.

We have a dedicated international community management team, within a social newsroom structure, creating, diffusing and delivering original branded content. We embrace real time marketing.

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international community management
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Drive the change

Digital training

Experts sourcing

Collaborative & Agile

Digital transformation impacts people, organisation, work methods and processes. We provide the experts, the resources and the methods to drive change.

We help you integrate methods and technologies to work collaboratively and with more agility. We create and manage training, on request, to upskill your employees with the necessary, relevant digital expertise.

Tech is everywhere

Strategy & new model

Mobile, web, cloud & e-commerce

Architecture & development

Master the technological challenges in new business models. We design and develop web platforms and e-commerce. We create customized business applications. We design connected and embedded objects.

We help your organisation become agile by bringing ideas and technological resources, allowing the whole organisation to innovate by transforming your business.

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Innovative mindset

New media strategy

Digital growth hacking

Small & Big Data driven

New media offers opportunities to build a strong digital presence and establish engaging relationships with active audiences. Our user-centered approach gives your customer a voice and provides insights and feedback.

Data collection and data drill-down innovations will allow you to increase customer contact points to achieve greater customer satisfaction across all your communities.

Connect & Engage

Digital storytelling

Audience & communities research

Online customer support

We help the marketing and customer relationship departments connect and engage with audiences by providing a better and clear understanding of their communities.

We design & develop digital storytelling around your brand to deliver a unique customer experience. We combine data analytics and online customer support to insure customer satisfaction and development of your business.

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