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Eureka Time is an innovation factory that helps you understand, communicate with

and engage your audience and clients.


We bring technological expertise and social comprehension to marketing

and business development.


Eureka Time: mobile software developer, Social Media conversations, Big data specialists/Hadoop developer

Our expertise


    Eureka Time is a premium developer of mobile and connected device software. We work the biggest mobile OEMs and operators in Europe.


    Since 2008 Eureka Time has been developing and deploying professional social media plans. We offer a flexible multi-language, global conversation through social media.


    Eureka Time delivers insights to clients in Europe, gathered through big data & cloud consultancy, software development and deployments.



Our references



A successful union of social sciences, marketing and technology.


Eureka Time is on a meteoric rise. With a track record of delivering mobile and social media solutions to major brands Eureka Time has proven credentials navigating business strategy for brands with a high digital spend.


Our software engineering team is amongst the very best in the business and we prefer to take on challenging projects. In fact, we are currently establishing a new base in Barcelona, to attract the best software talent in Europe with stimulating work and Mediterranean lifestyle.
We’re open, friendly and customer centred. We want to join your team.


Our unique mixture of social science and engineering excellence is akin to mixing the best of Facebook and Google approaches. Social science expertise produces a different perspective. We approach problems differently because we don’t believe that technology alone is the answer. This makes us unique. We empower senior marketing professionals and decision makers to effectively communicate with modern audiences.


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